KINGSWELL INTERNATIONAL specialises in a number of highly focused, complementary services that support the management of all aspects of risk and service for mission achievement. We help to align ICT, other internal services and external suppliers to achieve corporate strategy and goals. We help organizations to develop more resilient services and supply chains.


Risk Analysis - The identification and assessment of risk; recommendations for risk reduction.


Business Impact Analysis – The audit and evaluation of the impact of a major disaster on the fabric of a business. How would a company cope with the loss of mission-critical activities, premises or facilities?

Kingswell examine key business processes, including ICT, to evaluate threats to them, the probability of risks occurring and to provide an appraisal of the impact of disruption of critical activities on the organization.

The Business Impact Analysis can provide the justification for reviewing overall risk management, business continuity and supply chain strategies

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning – How to maintain business capability following a disaster impacting a mission-critical facility. Most companies will have IT disaster recovery plans or at least a contract for standby computer services, but effective recovery needs to consider not just IT but all key functions and support activities. Kingswell’s structured approach will help develop not only IT recovery plans, but will provide comprehensive, structured plans to ensure corporate viability after a disaster.


Disaster Recovery Planning – The production of detailed procedures within the operating departments of the company, designed to support the members of a disaster recovery team through their immediate actions in the event of a crisis. This service is provided both as a direct consultancy exercise and also as a training course for members of the client company.

Service and Supply Chain Management - Kingswell provides expert consultancy in service management, both internal and in outsourcing relationships. We create effective ITTs/RFPs, Proposals, Contracts and Service Level Agreements that are vital to underpin the Quality of both external and internal services and to ensure solid customer-supplier relationships.

Service Level Agreements – Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – SLAs between a customer and its supplier are vital to ensure the quality, scope, timeliness and priority of the services are identified and contractually committed to by the supplier.

An SLA can also be a form of internal contract between the operating and support departments of a company. The SLA describes the deliverable items and services which one department owes to another.



Contact Center, Service Desk, Help Desk and Customer Support- Expertise and training for Managers, Agents and Customer Support staff.

Training - Global public and in-company training for managers, proffesionalsand staff in all aspects of: Risk, Crisis, Emergency, Incident and Contingency Management, Customer-Supplier Relationships and Personal Development.

Enterprise Risk Management & Disaster Recovery Planning by Kingswell