Typical Assignments by Industy:

Tenders, Contracts & Supply Chain Management – a number of assignments helping clients develop and evaluate RFQs and ITTs and strategies for supply chain management in both the public and private sectors.

Circus, Macau – A circus as a client is a first for Kingswell – Ian Pidgen has been working with Dragone on Risk Management.

Bank (UK) – business continuity skills transfer

Mobile Telco (UK) – BC plan revision and testing

Computer Manufacturer (International) – business continuity training

Local Authority (UK) – service management improvement programme

Broadcasting (UK)- corporate disaster recovery

Distribution (International) – business continuity plan

Systems Integration (UK) – multi-site IT disaster recovery

Bank (UK) - business continuity plan

Bank (International) - Service Level Agreements

Insurance (UK) - Service Level Agreements

Manufacturing (UK) – multi-site disaster recovery plan

Electronics (Holland) – IT security guidelines;(Corporate Unix and Novell Security Procedures)

Stainless Steel manufacturer (South Africa) – Help Desk training and consultancy

Mining (South Africa) – Risk and Business Impact Analysis

Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland, UK and USA) – Global Business Continuity Plan

Travel Reservations (UK) – aligning outsourcing vendor service with client requirements

Outsourcing Vendor (UK) – Service Level Agreements and client orientation

Insurance (USA) – (business recovery planning for IT Help Desk Postal Service) – corporate risk analysis and
management programme

Enterprise Risk Management & Disaster Recovery Planning by Kingswell