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Kingswell has over one hundred years of collective experience of managing risk services and delivering consulting services to industry, commerce and public sector organisations.

Kingswell brings together the country’s leading consultants in the field of Information Technology management each especially qualified in the areas of managing risk and delivering service.

High Availability Design and Implementation and IT Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Unique Expert System for Urgent Contingency Plan Development Online.

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Business Continuity for SMEs and Charities: Innovative Off-site Backup and Recovery Solutions

Kingswell anounces SME/BC3000, an innovative hardware/software package that offers a fast plug & play BC solution for IT disaster recovery. A specially designed server at your site gathers all your essential software and data and your BC plan, which is all mirrored to an identical off-site server. You have full business use of the server at your site. Investment starts at just £3600 + VAT. For further information click here.

Software Products:


MS Word® checklists, models and templates recently updated and revised. This product is particularly easy to use and only basic BC knowledge is required. It is suitable for SMEs, being cheap, but it has been used internationally by Philips Electronics, Origin, Cable & Wireless and DHL. It is also being used by a European intergovernmental financial organization.

This is a complete “soup to nuts” package, probably the most comprehensive toolkit produced covering everything from Project Initiation and Project Plans through Risk Assessment, Business Impact Assessment, BC Strategy, BC Plans – several models – and BC Testing.


  • it usually sells within the signing authority of a junior to middle manager: this saves delay and hassle as well as detailed ITT requirements, tendering and evaluation. It’s paper clip money. This means also that some organizations that could not afford software can afford this tool.
  • it is completely and easily tailorable / amendable
  • it saves training and training costs. It is simple to use to start with and needs minimal training, unlike many packages which can be unwieldy, cumbersome and complex to the uninitiated and require significant training
  • since it is standard word processing, line managers have no excuse for not taking ownership of their BCPs
  • since all the best packages import Word documents, nothing has been lost if the client later decides to use a high end package
  • the cost of a high end package can be considerable – often we can complete a BC Planning assignment using BC Framework for less than the cost of a package (i.e. our consulting, using BC Framework, is cheaper than just the purchase of a competitive package)



MS Word® checklists, models and templates for Service Level Agreements, published in German and English by Kingswell International Ltd and updated..

MS Word® documents and templates including:

  • SLA Handbook
  • 12 example SLAs including Contact Centres, Software Development, Desktop Support, Finance Sector, Maintenance etc.
  • Example Customer Satisfaction Survey – a sophisticated new approach
  • Outsourcing Checklist
  • Example Desktop Support Service Products
  • SLA Checklist
  • Service Quality Improvement Chart
  • Example Performance Reports



New & Revised Books & Publications:

Hiles A.N. Enterprise Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis – Best Practices Published by Rothstein Associates Inc. Covers many techniques and methods of risk and impact assessment with detailed examples and checklists.

Hiles A.N. Business Continuity Management.Published by Rothstein Associates Inc. This book explicitly covers all the areas of business continuity competence required for membership of the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and was the only book endorsed by both organizations. It is now in its 4th edition and covers all current relevant standards and comes with downloadable templates, checklists, forms etc. for you to amend to your own organization. These cover the whole of the BC cycle.

Hiles A.N.(Ed) The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management,3rd Edition , John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 978-0-4750-51638-6 (HB).

Hiles, A. N. The Complete Guide to IT Service Level Agreements, Matching Service Quality to Business Needs..ISBN 0-9641648-2-5 published by Rothstein Associates Inc. The standard work on IT Service level Agreements.

Hiles, A. N. Service Level Agreements, Winning a Competitive Edge for Supply and Support Services.ISBN 0-9641648-4-1published by Rothstein Associates Inc. This book applies Service Level Agreements to services other than IT. Real case studies and example SLAs are provided ranging from Human Resources, Logistics, through Training, Livestock Handling, Logistics and Field Service Engineering.

Hiles A.N. and Gunn, Dr. Y.How to Create a Better Information Technology Help Desk.Published by Rothstein Associates Inc. ISBN 0-9641648-6-8 This book has the support of the Help Desk Institute

Hiles, A. N. E-Business Service Level Agreements: Strategies for ISPs, ASPs, *SPs and CLECS.  Published by Rothstein Associates Inc. The first book to deal specifically with e-commerce Service Level Agreements.

e-Publication. Kingswell books on Business Continuity, Service Level Agreements and  Help Desk Management are available by page download in conjunction with Rothstein Associates Inc and 

All software products and books can be obtained from:

Rothstein Associates Inc.

4 Arapaho Road
0608-3104 USA


Worldwide: 203
740 7400

Hiles, A.N. (contributor), Business Continuity
, for the Confederation of British Industry by Caspian Publishing

Our Services:

Consultancy on Enterprise Risk Management; Crisis and Emergency Management; Incident Management, Restoration and Salvage; Business Continuity; Disaster Recovery Management and Security.
Consultancy on Service Management, Supply Chain Management, Outsourcing, Tenders, Bids, Contracts, Service Level Agreements.

Consultancy on Customer Care, Contact Centre and Help Desk Management

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Total Quality Management – Based on the methodology of the Crosby Quality College this service provides a vehicle for improving the corporate approach to internal company management procedures. TQM is a cultural change programme which requires commitment from all divisions of the company and hence relies on making best use of the corporate IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Risk Management & Disaster Recovery Planning by Kingswell