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Kingswell training courses on Business Continuity and Service Level Agreements are now available in India.See schedule for details

Kingswell, in association with Informa (the world’s biggest training and conferencing company) announces a range
of regularly run courses in the Middle East, including Certified Help Desk Manager,
IT Service Level Agreements, IT Contracts, Tender Preparation and Evaluation, IT Disaster Recovery,
Business Continuity and Risk Management.

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All these important courses have been developed by and are presented by Kingswell consultants
and trainers. Please see course schedule for dates and venues and e-mail contacts for course programmes.

Our list of Training Courses and Workshops

Courses and Workshops include:

IT/Telecommunications Service Management

Implementing the Balanced Scorecard for Information & Communications Technology
IT Risk Management.
IT & Telecommunication Disaster Recovery – Clariden (2 days)
SLA Strategies for IT Management (2 days)
Service Level Agreements – course 1 (2 days)
Service Level Agreements – course 2 (2 days)
Service Level Agreements for e-Business(1 day)
Advanced Service Level Agreements (1-day)
Certified Service Level Manager (5 days) (Comprises a 3 day Service Level Agreement course followed by
a 2 day module on IT Contracts and IT Contract Law – see outline)

IT Business Performance Measurement and Management (3 days)
Best Practice in IT Infrastructure Management (2 days)
Strategies for IT Service Delivery and Support (2 days)
Outsourcing: How to Get it Right (2 days)
How to Manage Change (1 day)
Strategic IT Cost Control(2 days)
Telephone Skills (1 day)
Time Management for Technical Professionals

Crisis Management, Business Continuity & Risk Management

Security management for Oil & Gas Companies
Operational Risk Management for Banks & Financial Institutions
IT Risk Management.
Enterprise Risk Management
Effective Crisis & Reputation Management (3 days)
Crisis and Emergency Management (5 days)
Implementing Effective Emergency Control, Mitigation and Restoration Management
Business Continuity Management – Best Practices (3 days)
Business Continuity Management – the Project Approach for Safer Recovery(1 day)
How to Develop,Test and Maintain a Business Continuity Plan (1 day)
IT and Telecoms Disaster Recovery Planning (2 days)
IT Disaster Recovery Plan Testing (1 day)
IT Risk Management (2 days)
Risk Management (2 days)
Planning Emergency Response (1 day)
Understanding Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis (1 or 2 days)
Incident Control (1 day)
Pandemic Planning for Financial Institutions
Physical Security Training, including Personal Protection for Business People Abroad
Certificate in Loss Prevention & Business Continuity (5 days)
IT Security (1 day)
Incident Control (1 day)

Customer Care

Selling Customer Support (2 days)
Creating a First Class Help Desk (3 days)
Customer Service for Financial Institutions (Certified Course)
Essential Skills for Help Desk Staff (1 day)
The Strategic Help Desk (2 days)
Managing the Help desk (2 day)
Certified Contact Centre and Help Desk Manager (5 days)
Profitable Customer Support Management (2 days)
Service Level Agreements for non-IT Services (2 days)

Infrastructure Management

Best Practice in IT Infrastructure Management (2 days)
IT Infrastructure Management & IT Performance Management
Cost Effective Hardware Maintenance (1 day)
Strategies for Project Profitability (1 day)
Project Management(1 day)

Quality Management

Total Quality Management (2 days)

Procurement and Contract Management

Effective Buying and Negotiating of I.T. Contracts (2 days)
Effective Buying, ITT & Tender Preparation, Evaluation & Vendor Selection

Effective Negotiation & Management of IT Contracts
How to Write Winning Proposals (2 days)
Successful Bid Management (2 days)
Successful Contract Management (2 days)
Managing Partner & Outsourcing Relationships
Introduction to Buying (1 day)
IT Contracts and IT Contract Law (2 days)
Outsourcing: How to get it right (2 days)
Effective Outsourcing Contracts
Distance Learning Course on Contract Management
Contractual Disputes, Litigation Claims and Resolution Tactics

Personal Development

Effective Technical Report Writing (2 days)
Effective Technical Writing (2 days)
Inter-Personal and Consultancy Skills for Technical Professionals (2 days)
Survival Skills for Internal Consultants (2 days)
Personal Productivity & Time Management for Technical Staff (1 day)
Vital Skills for the New Manager (1 day)
How to Interview (1 day)
Appraisal Interviewing (1 day)
Effective Coaching and Mentoring (2 days)
Creative and Productive Thinking for Technical Professionals (1 day)
Management Skills for Technical Professionals (1 or 2 days)
Personal Communication Skills for Technical Professionals (1 day)
Analytical and Problem Solving Skills for Technical Professionals (1 day)
Mastering Leadership (1 day)
How to Build Winning Teams (1 day)
How to make Effective Presentations (1 day)
Analysing and Documenting Work Processes ( 3 days)

Current Training Schedule


Where repeat training courses are scheduled several months ahead the programmes downloaded may not reflect the dates and venues mentioned in the schedule below.

If there is no link to a course, please email for details

Dates Client Workshop Duration (days) Location
21-22 Jan Universal Service Level Agreements for Internal Services 2 Kuala Lumpur
9-11 Feb Universal Commercial Tenders & Contracts 3 Kuala Lumpur
15-17 Feb Informa MEA Business Continuity 3 Dubai
18-19 Fb Informa MEA IT Disaster Recovery 2 Dubai
4 May CEL Crisis Brand and Reputation Management 1 Hong Kong
5 May CEL Operational Risk Management 1 Hong Kong
11-14 May Informa MEA IT Service Level Agreements & Contracts 4 Dubai
17-19 May Informa MEA Business Continuity 3 Dubai
20-21 May Informa MEA IT Disaster Recovery 2 Dubai
1 Jun CEL Negotiating Skills for Buyers 1 Hong Kong
4 Jun CEL Measuring & Monitoring Vendor Performance 1 Hong Kong
5 Jun CEL Effective Contract Management 1 Hong Kong
7-10 Jun Informa MEA Tender Preparation & Evaluation 4 Dubai
25-27 Oct Informa MEA Business Continuity 3 Dubai
28-29 Oct Informa MEA IT Disaster Recovery 2 Dubai
9-11 Nov Informa MEA Business Continuity 3 Dubai
12-13 Nov Informa MEA IT Disaster Recovery 2 Dubai
15-18 Nov Informa MEA IT Service Level Agreements & Contracts 4 Dubai
6-10 Dec Informa MEA Tender Preparation & Evaluation 4 Dubai


Over the last ten years, over 30,000 delegates have benefited
from courses and presentations delivered by Kingswell experts. You may
have seen them at conferences like UKCMG; COMSEC; COMPSEC, EUROSEC, IDIMS
(South Africa), IT STRATEGY FORUM (UAE), at vendor user group conferences
and dozens more. Our speakers have presented at leading management colleges
and universities.

We have presented in-company training internationally for
leading multi-nationals and smaller, dynamic organizations. SkillsXfer
is a product unique to Kingswell and enables one or two individuals to
receive personalised coaching, training and skills transfer in any of
the topics covered by our training at a price competitive with attendance
at a public course. This is ideal where training is needed when there
is no public workshop conveniently scheduled.

We are unique in promoting the Business Survival Pack – an integrated series of courses covering business continuity, service management and quality management. We provide a wide range of tailored and standard courses (see overleaf) which delegates find educational, motivating – and enjoyable.

Typical delegate comments are:

“Excellent presenter. Well paced and good content.”

“Very enjoyable and helpful day”

“Comprehensive, logical, step-by-step”

“Informative and very well delivered. An important contribution to an increasingly significant aspect of I.T.”

“Excellent course which for me fulfilled all the objectives in attending”

Delegates from most of the Fortune 1,000 companies have attended public and in house courses and workshops delivered by Kingswell.

In-house workshops are particularly cost-effective, saving delegate travelling time and cost and offering reduced delegate rates. Special discounts are available for organisations committing to over 10 days/year of Kingswell training. Kingswell courses not only save money, but they are more productive: they can be targeted specifically at your client organisation’s current issues and take into account your culture and organisation.


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