Business Continuity

  • Consulting and Training in all aspects of Enterprise Risk Management; Crisis and Emergency Management: Incident Control, Mitigation and Restoration; Business Continuity and ICT Disaster Recovery Management, Risk and Business Impact Analysis; Plan Development; Exercise Planning and Conduct; Physical Security

  • Awareness programmes, Board, management and staff presentations and training Risk analysis and recommendations for risk reduction Business impact analysis Recommendations for business continuity or disaster recovery strategy Project consultancy and support Consultancy on production of business continuity, disaster recovery and contingency plans Plan audit and review Plan testing – test design, facilitation and reporting Periodic “health checks” of the Plans

  • Unique expert system for urgent contingency plan development online

Kingswell is able to offer a complete Business Continuity Management service in support of your Company and staff in the aftermath of a disaster. Recent events have proved that the resources of small companies can be stretched to the limits in the period immediately following a disaster. No matter how well your Business Continuity Plans are drafted and no matter how often you test them, you will still need people to manage the recovery procedure. In the worst case those people may not be available to you. Kingswell is able to supply experienced and qualified consultants (Fellows and Members of the Business Continuity Institute) to augment your Crisis Management Team during their peak workload. Our network of associates now includes experts on:

  • Project Management Physical security Damage limitation Salvage and Insurance Emergency cable work
  • Communications

The ability to rely on these skills may make all the difference to a successful corporate recovery programme. These additional services come at very little additional cost. In most cases companies wishing to retain Kingswell to support their annual testing programme may elect to use this service for the price of just one day’s consultancy per year. Those companies who use Kingswell in the preparation of their initial Business Continuity Plans are able to call on this additional service at no additional charge. For more information of Business Continuity Management contact Kingswell today.